How to fix “Element is not clickable” in Selenium WebDriver tests?

Three ways to resolve the “Element is not clickable” issue in Selenium.

Courtney Zhan


Element is not clickable” is a common error that Selenium test automation engineers often encounter. This might be applicable to other test automation frameworks, with different error messages. There are possible two causes:

  1. The element is not clickable, such as disabled or not allowed to click by nature (e.g. a hidden field)
    this is easy to find out by inspecting (via right-click in Chrome), the solution is to change/refine the locator.
  2. The element is not viewable in the browser (by the definition of Selenium)

This article will explain the second type. Below is a test failure of trying to click the exclamation icon.

The test failed (the above: webpage, the below test failure output)

Tip: run the test and keep the browser open so that you can inspect the web page, test scripts and test output all-together. Check out: Keep the Browser Open after Executing an Individual Test.


The test step:

driver.find_element(:class, "fa-warning").click

The error output:

Failure/Error: driver.find_element(:class, "fa-warning").click
element click intercepted: Element is not clickable at point (1201, 611)
(Session info: chrome=102.0.5005.115)

The reason:

Selenium is unable to click the exclamation icon, which is inside the viewable of the browser window. However, it is just, not enough for Selenium even though we (human beings) can see it. This is a rare case (clickable element on the edge of the window), a more common case is where the element is off-screen.

Initial solutions:

  1. Make the browser window bigger (not recommended).
    Depending on the page content and browser size, it might work in some cases.
  2. Scroll the webpage down further to make the element fully visible.