Rectify one Wrong Statement “Selenium does not provide real-time reloading”

You can attach Selenium test script execution to an opened Chrome browser Window.

Courtney Zhan


Recently, from a google search results, I saw these:

The source is the LinkedIn Article, “CYPRESS VS SELENIUM” (published on February 2023).

Definition of Real-Time Reloading in the context of Web Test Automation: the ability of Automated Testers to make instant modifications to test scripts and witness immediate outcomes.
There is another name for it, “attach test execution to the existing browser window”. Watir supported that at least from 2005.

The assertion “Selenium does not provide real-time reloading” is incorrect! I’ve been utilizing “Selenium Real-Time Reloading” since the very beginning of my test automation journey.

My father wrote two articles on this:

See it in action

  1. Selenium RSpec (animated GIF)
After attach the execution to the browser window, testers can freely edit the special debugging_spec to see to just run desired test step(s), no need to starting from the beginning.

2. Selenium Pytest (video)

Some might notice, this is done in TestWise IDE (which was created by my father). Nevertheless, the test scripts are 100% pure raw Selenium WebDriver, and I found this approach is quite intuitive to use.

Wondering how it was implemented? My father has openly shared his implementation (two ways) in this article. The later way, in fact, is Selenium feature really, using remote_debugging_port and…