Repurposing Automated Scripts for Live Demonstrations

Transform Selenium automated test scripts to automation scripts

Regression test report on

Why use automated scripts for demonstration purposes

  1. Faster than doing it manually
  2. Reliable
  3. Talk with ease (highlighting the key points)

Converting existing automated script into demo script

I already had working automated test scripts. It was easy to convert them into automation scripts for demo purposes.

New folder called `showcase`, I started with `01_login_add_review_spec.rb` which started as a copy of login_spec.rb
My first showcase script, shows multiple pages and functionality

Running your script

The script’s execution speed might be too quick to see details or for you to talk about.

  1. Use sleep to add specific delays to the script
    Not recommended. This is time-consuming and changes the script in many places.
  2. Set a delay between operations with a supported tool
    In TestWise (a testing IDE)’s settings, you can set a delay. In this case, I set it to 0.3 seconds. This means there is a 0.3 second wait between each step. This will effectively slow down the execution speed and easier for the audience to follow.



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