Selenium WorkBook #29: Search/Find/Filter Clients (Test Data Preparation)

Test data preparation; Search as you type

Courtney Zhan


This article is one of the “Selenium Training Workbook” series, a set of bite-sized exercises. While each exercise is independent, it may require knowledge and practices covered in previous episodes.

I will introduce an important concept in E2E Test Automation: Test Data Preparation. As always, using an example.

Like many websites, the WhenWise app has a search function. In this exercise, we will do a simple search, finding clients by name.

Learning Objectives

  • Test Data Preparation
  • Make test data available for all test cases in one test script
  • Search-as-you-type text field

Test Design

For customer name searching, we must prepare a set of person names first (for different scenarios). There are two methods:

  • Using seeded data
  • Enter new test data for this test script

Method 1: (pure) Seeded test data

The test script depends on the seeded test data if the app provides this utility (WhenWise does, see this article).