Selenium Workbook #40: Responsive Web Testing

Test a responsive website and verify on different devices

Courtney Zhan
3 min readMay 26, 2024


This article is one of the “Web Test Automation Workbook” series, a set of bite-sized exercises. (For more info about this series, check out #1); This is also included in my “How to in Selenium WebDriver” series.

Learning Objectives

  • Responsive Testing

Test data:

Knowledge Point: Responsive Web Design

Nowadays, we visit websites from multiple devices: computers, tablets and smartphones, with different screen sizes. This will require the developers to design a web page that works reasonably well on all platforms.

Responsive Web Design is a technique used to design a web page that ‘intelligently’ fits the platform. In software testing, ‘responsive web testing’ means testing web pages in different browser dimensions (i.e. different devices).