Selenium Workbook #43: Business Create Booking in Calendar

Select a single time slot to create an appointment on FullCalendar

Courtney Zhan
4 min readJun 15, 2024


This article is one of the “Selenium Training Workbook” series, a set of bite-sized exercises.

Learning Objectives

  • Narrow down as you type
  • Review
    - Click transformed checkboxes
    - Select an option in a standard select list
    - Select an option in a transformed select list
  • Find an element as an assertion

Test Case #43

A booking in WhenWise means an appointment with a client and a resource (such as a Piano Teacher).

Test data:


1. Select the Branch and Professional dropdown

Both are standard select lists.

<!-- Branch Drop Down -->
<select class="browser-default" onchange="change_available_billing_items();" name="event[branch_id]" id="event_branch_id">
<option value=""> - All branches - </option>
<option value="4">Newmarket</option>