Selenium Workbook #44: Moving an Appointment

Use Selenium WebDriver’s Drag and Drop Advanced User Interactions API to move calendar appointments

Courtney Zhan
5 min readJun 22, 2024


This article is one of the “Web Test Automation Workbook” series, a set of bite-sized exercises (typically 15–20 mins). A practical and satisfying way to learn web test automation with Selenium WebDriver.

Learning Objectives

  • Drive Full Calendar
    This continues our tour of FullCalendar a popular calendar library that started in Exercise 41.
  • Review of Advanced Interactions and learning a new interaction — Mouse Drag and Drop.
  • Review XPath and using XPath parents to find specific elements.

Test Case 44

Test Design

  • Create an appointment for a resource, (e.g. Jet Li).
  • Using the mouse, drag the appointment and drop it into another resource’s calendar on the same page (e.g. Donny Yen).
  • Confirm the booking should be moved (modal pop-up).
  • Confirm that the booking was successfully moved.

Test Data (Login) :