Set up Appium 2 to Run XCUITest (for iOS)

Setup and run an Appium 2 automated iOS test with XCUITestDriver

Courtney Zhan
5 min readDec 10, 2022


Update: Check out the annotated version by my father.

Appium is a free, open-source and dominating test automation framework for desktop and mobile applications. Appium, like Selenium, is WebDriver-based.

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“For all of our end-to-end tests at Facebook we use WebDriver, WebDriver is an open-source JSON wired protocol, I encourage you all check it out if you haven’t already. ” — Katie Coons, a software engineer at Product Stability, in “Continuous Integration at Facebook

As this Facebook engineer said in the presentation, by using WebDriver-based automation framework, the automation test scripts for iOS, Android and Web, the APIs are very similar. This means big time-saving! It comes as no surprise, Microsoft dumped its own Coded UI Test tool and recommended Appium…