Set up Running Automated UI tests on your First day at work: Part 3

Get productive with a good testing IDE, such as TestWise, for developing and debugging automated Selenium/Appium/API tests.


Detect whether Ruby can be accessed in TestWise. Settings highlighted in red, Frameworks tab highlighted in orange and successfully detected Ruby version highlighted in green.
The Execution Path setting in TestWise

TestWise Features

Can you imagine a business analyst or customer to run test automated tests in Eclipse or Visual Studio? Think about it, it does not that be that complex. Autotmated testing is just another way ‘using’ the app. With TestWise, the learning curlve is reduced to a matter of seconds.

Running a test with a single button!
Code Library can be accessed by the icon highlighted in red. The library is featured in the orange highlighted panel and code snippets can be inserted from the green highlighted ‘Insert’ button.
The browser does not close when a single test is run




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