Set up Running C# Selenium Tests in BuildWise CT Server

How to run C# Selenium Tests in BuildWise, a Continuous Testing server

Courtney Zhan
5 min readAug 6


This article shows you how to set up Selenium WebDriver tests written in C# on a Continuous Testing (CT) server, BuildWise.

Before you start

Make sure you have .NET installed (version 7 is fine), some C# tests and BuildWise ready to go.

1. Install .NET

The below article has instructions to install .NET. Skip the VS Code specific steps as we won’t be using VS Code here.

Note: Make sure you restart your machine after .NET is installed.

2. Clone Sample Selenium C# tests

There are sample C# Selenium tests available here, under the e2e-vstest-selenium. Alternatively, use your own Selenium C# tests.

3. Install and run BuildWise

Then, install BuildWise, a CT server. You can follow this article’s 3rd and 4th steps to install and run the server.

Set Up the CT Server for C#

1. Test on the command line first

Compile the tests with dotnet build, then run them to verify the tests actually execute. If you are using the sample tests, you can use rake ui_tests:quick to run the tests and verify your .NET setup.

If you see an error like:

Could not find a test logger with AssemblyQualifiedName, URI or FriendlyName 'junit'.

You need to add the JunitXml.TestLogger package to your project and recompile the project. Add this via NuGet Package Manager, or simply add this line to your csproj file:

<PackageReference Include="JunitXml.TestLogger" Version="3.0.124"/>

2. Set up BuildWise project

Create a BuildWise project like you normally would. Avoid using special characters in project…