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Courtney Zhan
2 min readDec 4, 2022

I started posting articles on Medium on Dec 25th, 2021. Some of my articles have since been featured in the following software testing newsletters:

So far, 17 of my articles have been referenced below

Last Updated June 25th, 2023

Software Testing Weekly

— A curated list of the best software testing news and articles

Issue 171 (2023–05–06): Writing Your First Complete Appium Test

Issue 151 (2023–01–13): Playwright vs Selenium Speed Comparison

Issue 150 (2022–12-20) : Set up Appium 2 to Run XCUITest (for iOS)

Issue 147 (2022–11–30): Testing GraphQL APIs

Software Testing Notes

— Curating the best articles on Software Testing (QA, Automation, Performance and Security Testing) every week

Issue 91 (2022–06–22): Drive a real iOS Device with Appium 2 (XCUITest)

Issue 56 (2022–05–12): Automated Testing Frames in Selenium WebDriver

Issue 44 (2022–02–03): Reloading a Chrome Extension using Selenium WebDriver